What is my inquiry?

As someone who utilizes four languages in their day-to-day life, multilingualism is a central part of my identity. However, after reflecting on my use of the internet, I realized that it is difficult to express that same multilingual identity online as much as I do in the “real” world. While for me this poses an inconvenience, those who speak non-dominant languages find the internet even more inaccessible. An English-centric digital world can exacerbate unequal access to information and resources. All of these considerations led me to focus on this central question: how does language influence our experience of the digital world?

How will I answer it?

The answer to my inquiry consists of three parts: research, stories, and extra resources.

Research: Collecting information from studies, articles, etc. and consolidating them into a written report.

Stories: Sharing my own personal experiences as well as collecting information from others. For this section I created a survey and used the results to reflect on how some members of the Middlebury community feel about multilingualism online.

Extra resources: Sharing some of the articles, videos, or other materials I found during my research. These might interest anyone looking for more information on the topic.