Welcome to your Survey: Language in the Digital Sphere

How old are you?
What is your gender identity?
Do you operate in more than one language when using the internet? This includes social media, reading articles or blogs, watching videos, etc.
What is your dominant internet language? In other words, what language do you usually write with, read, and listen to online?
Is your dominant internet language different from your dominant "real world" language?
Think about the websites and apps you visit most often. Do you mostly use one language for some, but a different language for others? For example: using Spanish to write social media posts, but watching YouTube videos in English. If so, please describe.
How often do you feel that language presents a barrier to your interaction with the digital world?
Think about the language you feel most comfortable using offline (i.e., your native language). Do you feel that this language is well-represented online?
How interested would you be in accessing foreign language content online if it were translated in an efficient and effective way?
If more online foreign language content was effectively translated, do you think it would expand your horizons and allow you to learn more about other people/cultures?
Are there any experiences you wish to share regarding your experience with language and the digital world?